Faces: Times Square was located on the traffic median between 45th and 46th Streets, between Seventh Ave. and Broadway, in Times Square, NYC from 1996-2009. It is a block-long drawing of 34 faces forged in a continuous line of painted steel bar weaving in and out of a custom-made fence, and was commissioned by the Times Square Business Improvement District as the result of an invitational competition.

Louisa and Rusty is a percent-for-art commission from the city of New York located in the Hunts Point Youth Recreation Center in the Bronx. Life-size horse and dog sculptures drawn freehand with 1/2" d. steel rod are installed in the South Bronx space that houses after-school and daytime recreation activities. It was installed in 2001.

Falling: 9/11 is an installation piece of falling body parts. Each piece is life size. Some elements hang freely at different heights, others lie on the floor. I created this piece in 2001-2002.

Roots: Unsung Heroes of the Holiday Season, was an installation at The Carriage House, Islip Art Museum, Islip NY from December 2007 to January 2008, which asks you to consider how the roots feel when the trees are amputated and carried off for three weeks of adornment and festivities. A 10' x 18' room lined entirely with black paper and lit with one 60 watt bulb helps you see it from the roots' perspective.

Configurations is a 2008 installation in the offices and design studio of an NYC firm that does graphic and exhibition design. As you progress through the space, you see line fragments scatter and assemble in different configurations, culminating in the studio where protruding abstract shapes interact with their cousins who are painted on the walls.

Gardening adds words and imagery to outdoor space.

Cloud Garden was an installation at the Rockland Center for the Arts in Nyack NY in 2012-2013. A gallery painted robins egg blue and the lobby of the building accommodated 16 floating clouds, which ranged in size from 6" diameter to 5' 6'' long. An additional cloud floated in the garden outside the entrance, a taste of what lay ahead. Spotlights in the gallery alternated with fans in the lighting track, to provide a gentle breeze to animate the clouds. All pieces are composed of found objects and wire, created from 2008-2012.

Tea and Sympathy was an installation at Ille Arts in Amagansett, NY during the summer of 2013. Miniature porcelain figures, about 1.25" long in various poses of agony and death are affixed to mismatched worn china cups, saucers, and plates, to create a dessert buffet. Cloud 64, which combines elements of daily detritus with sparkling fragments of jewelry connected in a tangle of wire, floats over the table. The combination of these elements evokes the stew of past and present, sorrow and exuberance.
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